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Special Review by Sim Racing Garage

Forget about the out-dated belt-drive system. Direct drive is the only known way to achieve real-life race car steering dynamic range. It's just a pure connection to the road behind the wheel.

Connect your wheel directly to a fast response direct drive motor for maximized simulation of force feedback. This is the only way toward a professional sim racing.

As our entry-level sim racing wheel base, ALPHA MINI managed to have the best range of torque for sim racing. The highest force required is usually when you hit the curbs or at the bottom of this hill.

6-8 Nm is what usual people found enough for sim racing, the remaining 2-4 Nm is used to minimize the force feedback clipping, reflect sudden change for force feedback.


Professional race drivers were invited during the design process. Iterations were made to best simulate the real racing. To unleash the full capability of the servo motor, Alpha mini uses three CPUs to process signals. The result is astonishing.