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" Imagine it. Build it. Race it. " 


About Us


SimFai Solutions was founded in late 2014 by Fai whom is the CEO & Business Owner that has high enthusiasm on sim racing technology. As an Exclusive Sim Racing Wheel maker company base in Singapore, our focus more towards realism solutions design and custom-made pro sim wheel for serious sim racers around the region. SimFai Solutions enjoys a low profile as word of mouth within social media, eCommerce marketing and known to provide excellent customer service experienced. SimFai Solutions is confident and keeps evolving with new ideas that further innovate customs sim wheel as real as it gets. 


All our products are developed and assembled in Singapore, with professional and top quality components and materials. The Made in Singapore excellence around the world is guaranteed, without compromise.


Being a hardcore simracer myself, I put on  innovative ideas and solutions design to make Sim Racing more interesting and be on the next level. As a team, we engage & working together with the right people for the right job to make our offerings more exclusive to let our fans enjoy something that close to real to fullfill their dreams.


After all, we are customer service orientate team when dealing with our clients with professionalism and keeps evolving that make us much different in such niche market.




Sim Wheel Design & Developement Process:-


Idea => Design => Developement => Products




Official Pro Sim Wheel for "Sim Racing Track" - Event Organizer




























































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